Friday, 10 June 2011

Link V

Link V is showing now at RMIT's School of Art Gallery, Melbourne, featuring the object-based gold and silversmithing and ceramics practices of four RMIT alumni.

A 'roving environmental jewellery project' by Roseanne Bartley called Seeding the Cloud is presented as both finished work (above) and instructions for continuing the process. (I was interested to learn the definition of the phrase: an attempt to change the amount or type of participation that falls from clouds.) Following Roseanne's lead, you'll rid your suburb of plastic rubbish through walking, collecting and making.

The paper-thin layered ceramic work of Amy Kennedy, constructed of a glaze-based material created by the artist, appears to be gently flowing through space, with delicate layers creating the illusion of mass and solid forms.

The exhibition runs until 17 June.

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