Sunday, 5 June 2011

Buda Contemporary Silver Opening

The Buda Contemporary Silver Exhibition opened today with the announcement of the award winners in the Buda Historic Home's garden room.

The Leviny Commemorative Award went to Meghan O'Rourke for her Peacock Series brooch exploring the decorative imagery of India in coloured titanium and niobium (pictured in the poster, bottom right). Melissa Cameron was awarded the Art Centre Award for her pendant and hollowware objects Raven and the Fishes (pictured in the poster, left), saw pierced and constructed from antique silver plates using motifs of the poetry of Australian performing artist and writer Nick Cave. The Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award was awarded to Maureen Faye-Chauhan for her two brooches from the Geomericus Augmen series, laser cut and TIG welded geometric forms in sterling silver and mild steel.

Student awards were awarded to Nadeem Sahabun for Teapot Series with wooden handles (PJ Williams Award), Annie Broadway for her geometric silver Apogee objects (Gold and Silversmiths' Guild of Australia Award), and Danae Natsis for Time is Life, 3 neckpieces of interchangeable magnetic components (e.g. etal Design and Development Award).

Congratulations to all the winners!

Images of all the award-winning works will be posted on the Buda website soon.

My hollowware object exhibited in the Buda exhibition was Rathdowne Street (dusk, wettest summer on record) a 4-part landscape of colours in sterling silver, enamel, copper and bouncy balls.

photo by Andrew Barcham

The exhibition runs until 19 June. The show is full of interesting work from around Australia, and both Castlemaine and the Buda Historic House are beautiful this time of year!


  1. Oh, too bad Mel, I think your piece rocks! (I really love the colours in those bouncy balls, they really do look like landscapes in rubber silver and enamel - awesome) xx Zoe