Thursday, 23 June 2011


 I built my jewellery bench over a couple of weekends almost entirely out of recycled timber (scavenged from the hard rubbish collection). Even the magnifying lamp came from the side of the road - the clamp was broken, so I drilled a hole in the bench top to secure it.

With the help of a jigsaw, an electric drill, a couple of adjustable clamps and some woodworking advice from my dad, the only thing I was missing was a bench to work on while building the bench.

The sliding scraps tray (used to collect precious metal offcuts and dust) was a keyboard tray on an office desk in a former life. I added 1x3" wood blocks between the sliding mechanism and the underside of the bench to adjust it to the correct height. I looked long and hard for the perfect bench top, and while that office desktop wasn't usable, it also provided a number of useful screws. The final bench top is the centre section of a beautiful old hardwood dining table, too scratched to use as a table, but perfect for a sturdy workbench.

The nice thing about a bench made of recycled materials is that I can continually customise it without feeling like I'm damaging an expensive piece of furniture. I added some hooks for my saw frame and towels, and attached containers along the sides. The parts I bought were: the square aluminium tubing and hook to hold my flexi drive, the shelving unit at the back of the bench (from Savers), a couple of 1x3" wood pieces and most of the nuts and bolts (and the drill and jigsaw). I thought about trying to construct a set of drawers, but I soon found this nightstand on the roadside and decided that would do the trick. 

Now the only thing I need is more space...


  1. i love it!! nice construction skills - looks great!

  2. Thanks, Danielle! I love your new work!

  3. Awesome Mel
    You're such a handy lady!

  4. Thanks, Lucy! I'd love to see your beautiful bench that Callum built one day!

  5. Mel, your bench turned out well, terrific use of recycled materials. No keeping a good woman down!