Friday, 15 March 2013

Where Moth and Rust Decay

Katheryn Leopoldseder's exhibition Where Moth and Rust Decay, on now at e.g. etal, is a skillfully crafted, thoughtful exploration of the artist's experiences in India through jewellery. The show is compact, but striking:  the first works the viewer encounters are the architectural recreations Precious Aspiration (Collapsible Indian Slum Dwelling Necklace) and Suburban Dream (3 BDR Brick Veneer House Ring) (both pictured on the invitation image, below). Each brick of Suburban Dream's brick "veneer" has been handcrafted as filigree, with the bottom surface detailing the floor plan of the house, and the contrast between the two dwellings could not be more clear. Still, they are "All under the same sun. All under the same sun.", displayed beneath the Sun Brooch (also pictured below).

Where Moth and Rust Decay works by Katheryn Leopoldseder,
image from e.g. etal exhibition media

All this is just the first side of a large pillar that the exhibition surrounds. I won't spoil the surprises on the other sides, but suffice it to say this is a must-see. 

The exhibition runs until 6 April.

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