Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Kokedama and Madeleine

I posted some pictures recently about my experiments making kokedama (Japanese moss balls). It wasn't until after I finished this little project that I realised I'd already been making another kind of kokedama!

Two kokedama: Fern and Madeleine locket/object

The Madeleine series are an exploration of the malleability of memory, through the juxtaposition of hard and soft materials. In the well-known Madeleine episode of Proust's Rememberance of Things Past, eating a petit madeleine causes the novel's protagonist to be overcome by long ago memories he thought were lost. My madeleines are lockets and containers, looking at the way memory enriches the present by embellishing the past.


One of my Petit Madeleine lockets was featured in the Precious Pendants exhibition at Object Gallery in Sydney a few years ago. A post about that exhibition coming soon...

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