Thursday, 28 June 2012

An Invitation to Local Colour

‘Local Colour’

A solo exhibition by jewellery artist Mel Miller

3rd – 14th July 2012

CELEBRATION DRINKS Saturday 7th July 2012 – 4-6pm

ARTIST TALK 3:30pm Saturday 7th July 2012

Most people travel at the same time and the same route to and from work everyday. If you’re like Melbourne based jeweller Mel Miller, you might start to notice how places along your journey, maybe a church, a house or a park, start to look different not only in the changing light of the day but also through the changing seasons.

Local Colour, Miller’s first solo show at Studio 20/17 in Sydney, and will showcase brooches, neckpieces, rings and objects depicting abstracted interpretations of streetscapes, parks, buildings and details of the urban landscape that she passes in her daily commute.

Miller says ‘…knowing these familiar places in different lights reveals their picturesque peculiarities.’