Saturday, 29 October 2011

Save Craft Australia

Craft Australia, the national peak body for craft and design, has been defunded by the Australia Council and after 40 years of  representing craft and design in Australia, will no longer be able to operate beyond December of this year. The Craft Australia media release states:

Craft Australia believes the decision by the VAB [Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council] is unjustified and was made without proper consultation either with Craft Australia or the craft and design sector. The decision has not followed due process or due governance and is in breach of its own documented guidelines. Craft Australia is challenging this decision and is also seeking immediate interim funding from the Australia Council.

Robert Reason the President of Craft Australia said:
“The interim funding would allow Craft Australia to restructure in a responsible manner and manage its significant heritage assets and active programs appropriately. It would also send a clear message to the craft and design sector that the Australia Council and through it the Australian Government remains committed to the preservation of our cultural heritage”. 

Craft Australia's website is filled with valuable resources for the craft and design sectors, and the Craft Australia blog is a vital source of news, research and discussion of issues in contemporary craft. This year Craft Australia has been holding an intriguing online forum on sustainability in craft and design

Show your support and sign the Save Craft Australia petition here. For more information on what you can do to help, visit the Craft Australia blog.


  1. I've signed the petition Mel, that's horrible :(

  2. Petition signed. Hopefully it is challenged successfully xx

  3. Thanks, Jess and Em! I'm going to write a letter in support of Craft Australia today...