Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Scaffolding and Tall Walls

A new work...

There's a place on my way to the city where there was a little field and a church. I thought it was a park but it was just an empty lot. Now an apartment building has gone up in the field, and this little pastoral scene in the midst of city life is no more. It's all scaffolding and tall walls. That place became a brooch in my work about the urban landscape, and now it's changed so much I've made a new one, supported by scaffolding and hemmed in by apartment-style walls. The sunset is still there though, if you catch it from the right angle. 


  1. Although the pastoral scene is no more, look on the bright side, you've created something beautiful out of it's replacement.

  2. That's right - and it seems there are endless opportunities for new works to be created, as the urban landscape keeps changing!