Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fruit Loop Bagues

Peaches and Keen's upcoming exhibition has reminded me that I was going to post about Fruit Loop Bagues...

Fruit Loop Bagues was an exhibition of rings at First Site Gallery in 2008 with Nina Oikawa, Lucy Hearn and Nicole Polentas. Together, our colourful work created "a rainbow of rings to brighten up the world...a treasure trove of tasty delights!"

The work was displayed on brightly coloured mini-plinths suspended from the ceiling at varying heights. The air conditioning in the gallery space made them sway slightly in the breeze, adding to the effect of lightness and colour. The overall result was that the installation as a whole became something on its own, more than just a place for displaying the work. A gallery filled with colour!

Mel Miller, "Remember When..." (object with removable ring)
Nina Oikawa, "Placious Rings #1: Bird"
Lucy Hearn, "White Ring, Pink"
Nicole Polentas, "The Place I Lost My Head" (ring with stand)
Fruit Loop Bagues Catalogue, designed by Lily Daley

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